11 Expectations in the Development of AI Transcription

ai transcription
ai transcription

Way back in 1952, it was the first computer speech recognition tool. Even though the technology was groundbreaking, the software could understand only digits.

Since then, transcription software has come a long way.

Today, transcription tools use immersive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to convert speech to text. Transcription tools can automatically record a conversation and convert that into text within a few minutes.

Besides detecting the right language, AI transcription software can automatically detect emotions, recognize multiple speakers and intent, and pull up actions and accents.

With breakthrough technology paving the way every day, the future of AI transcription seems bright. Companies can expect more groundbreaking innovations in the AI transcription world.

You can expect more astonishing results from AI transcription. But for now, it’s essential to understand some of the upcoming and in-practice development in this field.

In this article, we discuss some expectations for the development of AI transcription.

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