3 Reasons I’m Still Bullish on the Metaverse

3 Reasons I'm Still Bullish on the Metaverse


  • Metaverse real estate caught the attention of investors last fall, but it’s lost steam since then.
  • Despite the softening investment market, virtual real estate holders are holding steady, and could be rewarded for doing so.
  • Metaverse real estate, like any other real estate, is a long game.

The markets are dropping everywhere, even in the metaverse, but I’m still bullish on it. Here’s why.

The market can seem a little dismal these days , and even the metaverse is feeling it with token prices dropping, dragging down land values. But that doesn’t mean the metaverse is done for. Oh, no. Right now is a great time to get a good long-term value for your dollar in the metaverse.

Call me an extreme optimist, but despite crypto’s stumble, I’m still bullish on metaverse real estate. It’s a unique sort of asset class, and one that, while definitely feeling the pressure the rest of the investment world is under, seems to have enough going for it to weather the storm.

Here’s why I’m still bullish on the metaverse.

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