7 Must-Read Books About Artificial Intelligence

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In late 2019, we published “7 Classic Books To Deepen Your Understanding Of Artificial Intelligence.”

It’s time to run it back. Here are 7 more thought-provoking books that explore the technology, business, politics, and ethics of artificial intelligence.

Few topics are more important to be well-informed and thoughtful about in the twenty-first century. Read up!

A World Without Work

By Daniel Susskind

For centuries, people have worried that new technologies—from the mechanical loom to the internal combustion engine—would replace human labor and render us superfluous. And for centuries, these fears have proven misplaced as new technologies have increased our productivity and created new jobs.In A World Without Work, Susskind convincingly makes the case that this time truly is different—that in the coming decades, artificial intelligence will put broad swaths of the human population out of work.

What will it mean for society as more and more of the jobs that underpin our economy are automated? What steps can we take to mitigate the worst side effects of this transition? And most profoundly: how will we use our time, measure our lives and find purpose in a world in which people no longer need to work?

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