7 of The Coolest Machine Learning Topics of 2021 at ODSC West

Operationalize AI and Machine Learning Through RPA

ODSC West 2021 is only a few short weeks away and the agenda is live so now is a good time for a quick pass on what’s cool and trending at this upcoming event. Here are some of our top picks to keep machine learning and data science practitioners abreast of trending topics in the field with these popular machine learning topics.

Machine Learning Safety

Pause for a moment to realize the number of machine learning models trained on crowdsourced data from social media and the web, and realize how easy it is to poison training data. In fact, this Microsoft paper from last year identifies it as a top concern (p.2). Driven by foundational models, large-scale models, and autonomous systems, ML safety is quickly becoming a broad topic encompassing many areas of AI and ML. Adversarial attacks, backdoor model vulnerabilities, real-world deployment tail risks, risk monitoring, and boosting defense are a few of the topics to fall under the ML safety umbrella. Expect to hear a lot more on this fast-trending topic.

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