7 Tips for Value-Driven AI

tips ai
tips ai

How your business can improve the skills of its talent to take greater advantage of AI.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way business is done today. AI will ultimately transform every business in every industry. However, despite their desire to use data science when making decisions, many organizations can’t find enough qualified data scientists to develop and run their data science initiatives.

Nonetheless, with online training and readily available tools, any software engineer — or even a business user with a math background — can become a data scientist. Even if data science wasn’t part of a user’s undergraduate or graduate studies, it’s possible to make the transition to AI and bring the power of machine learning to your enterprise.

Here are seven tips from my experience as a data scientist about how to make that happen.

Tip #1: Brush up on the basics

Before starting an AI journey, it’s best to conduct a basic math review including linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics. The best course to complete first is one on introductory Python; from there, you can move on to machine learning and advanced math classes. One of my client companies has a program to teach their programmers Python. After becoming familiar with the basics, many aspiring data scientists get their feet wet by participating in a Kaggle

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