9 Best Sci-Fi Movies About A.I. Taking Over


Time and time again, films have shown us the danger of A.I.

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres. It’s ideal for people who like to dream about what could become real one day. However, not all technological advancements are portrayed as a good thing in sci-fi movies. In multiple cases, artificial intelligence is developed, or it builds malicious intentions over time, and it decides to take over the entire world or at least part of it.


It often does this even if it means hurting those who built it in the first place — the humans. The Terminatorseries is the most famous example of an A.I. taking over with catastrophic consequences for humanity, but several other great movies work with this topic.

Updated July 26, 2022 by Kath Leroy: With technological development progressing fast, people have turned to science fiction movies for ideas about how their future might look. While some sci-fi movies present a positive view of technological developments such as artificial intelligence, others are far more skeptical about it.

They usually ask whether such an advanced artificial intelligence wouldn’t decide that it no longer needs humans and would destroy them. Iconic series such as The Terminator or the Matrix franchise aren’t by far the only ones that dealt with this question. So anybody who likes science fiction and wants to think about the role of artificial intelligence in human society or simply enjoy a great movie has a lot of options to choose from!

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