AI chatbots were tasked to run a tech company.

  • Researchers in a new study tasked an AI-powered tech company with developing 70 different programs.
  • They found AI could develop software in under seven minutes for less than $1 in costs, on average.
  • AI bots were assigned roles and were able to talk, make logical decisions, and troubleshoot bugs.

Artificial-intelligence chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT can operate a software company in a quick, cost-effective manner with minimal human intervention, a new study indicates.

The findings came after researchers published another study in which AI agents powered by large language models were able to run a virtual town on their own.

In the recent paper, a team of researchers from Brown University and multiple Chinese universities conducted an experiment to see whether AI bots powered by a version of ChatGPT’s 3.5 model could complete the software-development process without prior training.

To test this, researchers created a hypothetical software-development company named ChatDev. Based on the waterfall model — a sequential approach to creating software — the company was broken down into four stages in chronological order: designing, coding, testing, and documenting.