AI & Data Science Trends to Watch out for in 2021

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Have you ever hopped upon a roller coaster and regretted it instantly? 2020 has been that mean roller coaster ride. It opened with the Australian wildfire and the headlining act – the Covid-pandemic has claimed 1.84 million human lives and counting.

But 2020 has given technological evolution a strong push and moved it ahead with speed. The year has also reminded us how easy it is to lose track of the critical changes in the world of technology in the midst of a great humanitarian crisis. We have seen every business move online, and every person has had to work from home at some point this year. Consequently, there have been some pretty unexpected turns in the way data is dealt with. Data science as a business tool and applied AI were already pretty big in 2019 itself. 2020 has given the existing framework a run for its money. Now, as 2021 rolls out, it is essential for data science and AI enthusiasts to keep a keen eye on the trends.

The world will see a boost in Natural Language Processing; Computer vision will grow in potency and importance in sectors like defense and security; Healthcare analytics will have a year of unprecedented rise, just to name a few. As data science enthusiasts and students, you must align your minds with the shifting paradigms of the industry.