AI Ethics Left Hanging When AI Wins Art Contest

ai ethics and art
ai ethics and art

Let’s unpack things and see where the world stands on these mind-bending concerns. A crucial undercurrent has to do with AI Ethics and how we as a society perceive and want to make use of AI. For my ongoing and extensive coverage of AI Ethics and Ethical AI, see the link here and the link here, just to name a few.

News stories this past few days have made AI and art an extremely hot topic.

You see, the whole conundrum about Artificial Intelligence and art was recently thrust into the public eye when an AI “artbot” seemingly won an art contest. The headlines regarding this matter have ranged from fervent outrage to a sense of sorrowful acquiescence that it was only a matter of time before AI would prevail in the creative field of artistry. Some even claim that we’ve already seen AI come

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