AI ethics maturity model: A company guide

How To Build Responsible AI, Step 1: Accountability

How to develop a maturity model for building an ethical and responsible AI practice.

According to the research by Kathy Baxter, principal architect for Salesforce’s ethical AI practice, it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) development is a high priority for enterprises, with worldwide AI spending expected to hit $110 billion in 2024. And of executives focused on AI, 80% are struggling to establish processes to ensure responsible AI use. Baxter’s research also notes that 93% of consumers say companies have a responsibility to look beyond profit to impact society positively. In addition, 79% of the workforce would consider leaving an employer that demonstrates poor ethics. My conversation with business leaders regarding the future impact of AI often leads to core values, guiding principles and the ethical use of immerging new technologies like machine learning, natural language processing and chatbots, computer visioning, deep learning and smart robotics.

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