AI Ethics To Help Humans With Disinformation


Perhaps Artificial Intelligence (AI) can come to our rescue. Yes, that’s right, we might be able to harness the beneficial uses of AI to cope with our relentless tsunami of disinformation and misinformation. We might be wise to try doing so. Every avenue of potential solution would seem worthy of pursuit.

side, I’d like to immediately acknowledge and note that AI is undoubtedly going to also be a part of the problem too. There is no question that humans can readily leverage AI to generate disinformation and misinformation. Furthermore, AI can insidiously be used to make disinformation and misinformation appear to be amazingly valid and fool humans into believing that the presented information is alluringly accurate and factual. A decidedly sad face side of what AI brings to the table. We will come back to this downside conundrum toward the end of this discussion.

For now, let’s put on our smiley faces and explore how AI is beneficial to bringing disinformation and misinformation to its mighty knees. One important undercurrent will be that all of this dovetails into vital elements of AI Ethics. My column coverage of AI Ethics and Ethical AI is ongoing and extensive, including the link here and the link here, just to name a few.

Consider these cornerstone ways that AI can be an especially helpful ally in the war on disinformation and misinformation:

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