AI robot Ai-Da is about to make history giving evidence to a House of Lords inquiry

AI robot AiDa
AI robot AiDa

Ai-Da Robot has made headlines painting everyone from the Queen to Billie Eilish and Paul McCartney. Now, she is set to answer questions at the House of Lords during an inquiry into tech and creativity. It’s a “real moment in history”, as creator Aidan Meller tells Sky News.

Is creativity under attack from the rise of artificial intelligence?

Who better to answer that question than Ai-Da, the world’s first artist robot that has made headlines for her incredible paintings and sculptures – not least a portrait of the Queen to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee earlier in 2022.

Later today, Ai-Da Robot will make history as she (she is far too realistic to call her an “it”) gives evidence at the House of Lords as part of its A Creative Future inquiry, examining potential challenges for the creative industries and looking at how they can adapt as tech advances.

Read that back: a robot, giving evidence to the House of Lords. It might sound like a scene from a science-fiction film, but in 2022 it’s very much a reality.

“The fact that Ai-Da is giving evidence at one of these sessions is pretty mind-blowing,” creator Aidan Meller tells Sky News.

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