AI Role In The Metaverse

AI Role In The Metaverse

Most of you know how Meta could change our world (if not, take a look at this short video: Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse). In fact, many other companies will try to make it. Interaction with virtual worlds is already here, there are plenty of cool devices we may use to dive into another reality.

I’m a game developer professional and most of my time I’m spending on designing AI behaviors for my games (from chess AI to AR assistants). I’m not going to tell you about the virtual worlds in this post, but about the artificial intelligence inside. And it’s not only about games, it’s about an advanced interaction with virtual worlds, about how the system could work. Here you will find some basic understanding of how AI could be used in the metaverse and its purpose.

What could AI give in the metaverse?

Almost everything starts from a brand new experience ending having a child in virtual reality.. wow, what? Have I said you about having a child in VR? Yeah, sounds crazy, but I’ll break it later so you will understand more, little spoiler: it’s almost not possible for now.

The main limitation in appearing metaverses in our life is a small number of users who have VR/AR headsets. And that’s logical, people don’t want to use big and heavy helmets with lenses which could give you a headache after just a few hours of staying inside. What can we give people to join these worlds? How do share this experience with more people? How to move the world from using PC to VR/AR? I’m sure blue-chip IT companies are thinking about answering these questions. I’ll try to answer another question, what AI could give us in those virtual worlds and extend our experience? I hope this writing will be useful for developers and gamers who someday will join virtual worlds. Who knows, perhaps my writing will be seen many years later when we all will be joined into the new MetaWorld.

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