An embodied AI platform that unifies neural and motor intelligence

An embodied AI platform that unifies neural and motor intelligence

We have developed a new embodied AI platform, called MyoSuite, that applies machine learning (ML) to biomechanical control problems by unifying motor and neural intelligence.

–  The musculoskeletal models in MyoSuite are up to 4,000x faster than other simulators at meeting the data requirements of modern ML algorithms

– This research could have significant impact in areas such as developing prosthetics and post-injury rehabilitation, since we can generate physiologically realistic movements, such as twirling a pen or manipulating Baoding balls, in full detail.

– As we build for the metaverse, these models will help developers build avatars that move more realistically, making the experience more expressive and immersive.

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The more intelligent an organism is, the more complex the motor behavior it can exhibit. So an important question to consider, then, is — what enables such complex decision-making and the motor control to execute those decisions? To explore this question, we’ve developed MyoSuite: a set of musculoskeletal models and tasks that enable the application of ML to solve biomechanic control problems. MyoSuite unifies the two facets of intelligence: motor and neural. We are releasing MyoSuite and open-sourcing a set of comprehensive benchmarks for the ML community to enable continued research in this area.