Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Ethics

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Ethics

Artificial Intelligence is a dynamic technology sector, powering a broad spectrum of emerging applications in the fields of industrial robotics and robotic process automation (RPA). Like transformative technologies that came before, the ethics of AI is coming under increased scrutiny, giving birth to regulations and policies constraining the scope of its application. What are the risks and what’s being done to promote an ethical application of one of today’s most empowering technologies?

Where AI Intersects with Robotics

What exactly is AI and what role does it play in robotic technologies? The concept of leveraging computational, pattern-recognition systems capable of learning and reasoning has expanded over time, coming under the broader rubric of machine learning, natural language processing, and data science. In industrial robotics, AI is typically used to sense and perceive the environment in which a physical machine operates in order to safely automate operations (e.g., a robotic arm on an automotive assembly line). Industrial robots tend to be limited to repetitive motions requiring little need for continuous learning and are not commonly perceived as threatening.

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