Artificial Intelligence successfully predicts complications after surgery

Artificial Intelligence successfully predicts complications after surgery

Post-surgery complications are a big risk and have been an issue for both physicians and patients worldwide, but a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform could now ease their worries. The AI has successfully identified postoperative complications by automatically acquiring patients’ medical data and delivering it to doctors’ mobile devices.

The system, named MySurgeryRisk, extracts clinical data in real-time, creating an “analytic pipeline” that pushes valuable results to surgeons’ mobile devices.

The findings have been published on Jama Network Open after a study conducted over 74,417 inpatient surgical procedures involving 58,236 adult patients. « The automated real-time predictions of postoperative complications with mobile device outputs had good performance in clinical settings with prospective validation, matching surgeons’ predictive accuracy, » researchers said in the paper.

The platform is powered by machine learning and has been developed using nearly seven years of data from more than 74,000 procedures. The system was consistently able to match surgeons’ accuracy in predicting surgical outcomes and can benefit both doctors and patients by augmenting medical decision-making and reducing complications.

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“This is really exciting because we validated the algorithms that we developed prospectively. It was important to show that we achieved good predictive performance, » Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti, a research assistant professor of medicine and co-developer of MySurgeryRisk said in a statement.