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Best movie robots in sci-fi


We ranked the best movie robots of all time – from dangerous androids in the pursuit of mortality and meaning, to adorable trash collectors who fall in love.

From helpful companions to murderous automatons, these are the best movie robots in sci-fi.

Robots are everywhere these days. Most people will find them in Boston Dynamics YouTube videos, on the road as self-driving cars or even in homes as tiny autonomous vacuum cleaners. And of course, you can find plenty of robots on the big screen too.

Even before writer Karel Capek introduced the term ‘robot’ in his 1920 science-fiction play R.U.R., androids and automatons featured in films as early as 1907. The popularity of robots only increased throughout the years and they had many design iterations through the decades. We went from seeing big, clunky robots in 1950 B-movies to more sleek, humanoid robots mostly found in today’s features.

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