Building a mindful metaverse

Building a mindful metaverse

Something we don’t really talk about too often, when it comes to digital spaces, is how to make sure they’re healthy. We can go on about how to make virtual worlds fun, or entertaining, or economically viable. Discussions about what kind of systems need to be in place to keep things civil, and moderated, are an ongoing conversation.

But we don’t really consider the mental health side of it. Sure, there are warnings in lots of software. Take breaks, get some fresh air, stretch and hydrate. Where’s the digital world equivalent of a doctor’s office?

Obviously the kinds of issues that are present inside a metaverse are different from the real world. Physical health isn’t really the issue; take off the headset and deal with the problem. Mental health, though, should be way more of a focus.

You’re stepping into VR. Your form is a digital avatar. It’s ultimately inconsequential. Your mind, though? Your mind is the most important part of yourself in there. When things happen to your avatar it stops right there. It’s just an avatar. But an unbalanced mind transcends that physical/digital barrier.

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