Can AI help you solve problems?

ai problems
ai problems

AI technology has revolutionized the way organizations do business; now, with proper guardrails in place, generative AI promises to not only unlock novel use cases for businesses but also speed up, scale, or otherwise improve existing ones. “Companies across sectors, from pharmaceuticals to banking to retail, are already standing up a range of use cases to capture value creation potential,” write Michael ChuiRoger Roberts, Tanya Rodchenko, Alex SinglaAlex SukharevskyLareina Yee, and Delphine Zurkiya in a new article. Generative AI is nascent, but as it develops and becomes increasingly, and more seamlessly, incorporated into business, its problem-solving potential will intensify. Check out these insights to understand how both AI and generative AI can help your organization solve complex problems, transform operations, improve products, and realize new revenue streams.

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