Energy Aims To Make AI Human-Driven

Energy Aims To Make AI Human-Driven

Having real people support the artificial intelligence system both builds community trust and ensures that those systems are designed for underserved populations.

Officials within the Department of Energy are looking to apply practical uses of artificial intelligence technology to helping underserved communities.

Speaking during a FedScoop discussion panel, Pamela Isom, the director of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office at Energy, explained the importance of using AI technology to strategically help, as it becomes more and more ubiquitous in daily life.

Some current use cases for AI tech within Energy are automated loan and application processing. Ipsom elaborated that her office’s mission to ensure equitable access to AI technology came from a community discussion where gaps in adequate technological infrastructure were highlighted.

“Today, we’re looking at AI for instance, to not only help with procurement cycles, but with processing and evaluating [requests for information] for instance,” Isom said. She noted that natural language processing can both save time and catch errors on a digital imaging level that may not have otherwise been caught if reviewed manually.

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