Generative AI: a game-changer that society need to be ready for

generative ai
generative ai
  • Despite the current downturn and layoffs in the tech sector, generative AI companies continue to receive huge interest from investors.
  • While generative AI has people excited about a new wave of creativity, there are concerns about the impact of these models on society.
  • Only when solid checks and balances are in place can there be a more thoughtful, beneficial expansion of generative AI technologies/products.

In the wake of newly released models such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT, generative AI has become a ‘hot topic’ for technologists, investors, policymakers and for society at large.

As the name suggests, generative AI produces or generates text, images, music, speech, code or video. Generative AI is not a new concept, and machine-learning techniques behind generative AI have evolved over the past decade. Deep learning and General Adversarial Network (GAN) approaches have typically been used, but the latest approach is transformers.

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