Genius or Subpar AI Mathematician?

ai mathematician
ai mathematician
  1. Insight for mathematical use is provided. We show for which types of questions and which domains of mathematics ChatGPT may be useful and how it could be integrated into the workflow of a mathematician.
  2. The failure modes of ChatGPT are identified, as well as the limits of its capabilities. This can aid future efforts to develop LLMs that perform better in mathematics.
  3. We provide benchmarks for testing the mathematical capabilities of future LLMs so that they can be compared to ChatGPT across a range of aspects regarding advanced mathematical comprehension.

To effectively evaluate ChatGPT on advanced math problems, the researchers build a new dataset, GHOSTS, comprising a total of 728 prompts in six carefully crafted subdatasets: Grad-Text, Holes-in-Proofs, Olympiad-Problem-Solving, Symbolic-Integration, MATH, and Search-Engine-Aspects. The researchers say the GHOST datasets surpass publicly available benchmark mathematical datasets in terms of sophistication and reasoning difficulty.