Here’s how Generative AI imagines ‘European Tech’

generative ai
generative ai

What do you do on a lazy Sunday when Product Hunt alerts you to the existence of a simple but neat AI art search tool?

Product Hunt prompted me to check out UnPrompt this weekend.

It’s a simple tool for reverse-searching prompts and parameters for generative art, which works with both text prompts and image uploads.

From the maker:

« Like a lot of folks, I was totally blown away by the capabilities of generative art. There was so much new stuff to try and see, if you don’t stay up to date you immediately fall behind. I found it difficult and time consuming to test tiny tweaks to a prompt, just to find what I wanted. At the same time, I was certain someone else in the community had done something similar.

That’s why we built UnPrompt. A fast and free community tool for finding recent prompts. »

So anyway here’s some stuff you get when you search for ‘European Tech’.