How AI can help find new employees

ai job
ai job

Artificial intelligence can help hiring managers and recruiters discover talent, reducing the time it takes to get them onboard a company. But there are risks associated with a process often automated by a chatbot.

Before employing artificial intelligence (AI) to find job candidates, Southwest Airlines had no definitive way to track the success of the company’s email and website hiring campaigns. The airline also couldn’t queue up potential applicants who’d logged into a job listings page and left before an applicable position had been posted.

Since it began using an AI-enabled hiring platform from tech firm Phenom, the airline now has “a warm pipeline of candidates” it can draw on whenever jobs opportunities arise, according to Kelby Tansey, manager for recruitment marketing at Southwest Airlines.

Tansey said the airline can now reach out to “passive” job candidates who came to Southwest but couldn’t find an open position at the time.

“We’ll drive them into certain pipelines within the Phenom platform so we can capture their resume, their skills, and note some of those candidates and then let them know when the job opens up,” Tansey said.

Southwest is among a growing number of organizations turning to AI-based tools to identify potential job candidates, schedule interviews, and reduce the overall time recruiters and hiring managers spend on those tasks.

From 35% to 45% of companies are expected to use AI-based talent acquisition software and services to help select and interview job prospects this year, according to recent studies.