How is AI Impacting the Automotive Industry?

How is AI Impacting the Automotive Industry?

The automotive sector has been around for over 100 years and is worth billions. It enables us to get from point A to point B quickly and safely, but it’s slowly changing with the times thanks to new technology: artificial intelligence.

AI is improving our cars in ways many people didn’t think possible just a few years ago, from predicting maintenance issues before they happen to make driving safer for everyone on the road.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Vehicles Are Here

It’s not just a buzzword that will fade into obscurity. It is here, and it’s changing the automotive industry.

AI, IoT and machine learning are not only shaping the future of automobiles, they’re also changing how we think about them. Let’s explore how these technological advances are impacting what cars can do today and what they might be able to do soon:

AI impacts the automotive industry in interesting ways

The automotive industry is using AI in a variety of ways. Some of these applications augment existing technology, such as self-driving cars, while others are completely new. The uses of AI include:

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