How to Prepare for AI Writing Disruption in Content Marketing

ai writing
ai writing

The search for the keyword “AI copywriting” is trending upward globally. On Google Trends, between December 2021 and now (August 2022), the search term has maintained an upward trend.

Also trending alongside it are more specific keywords, such as Jasper AI (an AI copywriting tool), best AI copywriting tools, and free copywriting generator.

According to Ubersuggest, a keyword research tool, it is estimated that the word AI writing is searched 4,400 times each month in the United States alone.

Factor in semantically related keywords such as “AI writing assistant,” “content creation tool,” etc., and you’ll see that tens of thousands of people are researching AI writing tools each month.

If you are in the online marketing industry, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of conversations about this as well. Everyone’s talking about them, including content marketing powerhouses such as Neil Patel and Animalz.

And quite a lot of users are adopting them. The goal of this post is to discuss what the popularity of AI copywriting tools means for content marketers and what you should do to stay ahead of the pack.

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