How to Select the Right AI Projects

ai project
ai project

Artificial intelligence has great potential to support digital business growth by spurring experimentation and innovation and helping organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. But AI is no magic wand. This leaves many executives wondering: Why isn’t AI delivering on all that IT promised it would?

What is probably slowing your AI strategy down is that now, to get the greatest value from AI, businesses need to invest in strategy, not “adhocracy.”

Yes: Ten years ago, we said you should initiate AI right away, make mistakes and stumble instead of waiting to watch someone else try to keep their footing in the spooky new space. But now, we’re telling executives to slow down and first ask the questions that will define whether an AI project will fit the larger business strategy or serve as the standard that sets it. IT and business leaders must establish who is in charge, what they need, and how AI will set them up for a successful future.

Here are three key questions that executives should consider when they are approached with new ideas for AI. Data and analytics leaders should be ready to answer these questions, and maybe even pose the answers before the questions are asked.

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