I tried Google’s new job interview practice tool

I tried Google's new job interview practice tool

I’ll admit I’m out of practice.

The last time I was being interviewed for a job was certainly when America was still sane.

Yet I never really prepared for particular questions to be asked. I merely feared that the first question would be: « Tell me a little about yourself. »

Because that told me the interviewer likely hadn’t read my resumé or, if they had, could not remember anything about it. And didn’t care.

Google’s stretching exercise

So when I saw that Google had released a new online tool to help you practice for job interviews, my mind was intrigued, and my soul prepared to be saddened.

Google’s Interview Warmup promises it’ll help you practice key questions, get insights about your answers, and get more comfortable interviewing.

Naturally, this is all achieved via glorious AI, which only wishes it could stare intently into your eyes. That’s because this tool doesn’t switch your camera on but merely activates your microphone.

At least, that’s what I thought.

What I subsequently discovered is that you can actually type your answers rather than have Google listen to them and type them down for you.

What I also discovered is that Interview Warmup lets you practice for interviews in all kinds of areas — everything from data analytics to e-commerce.

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