Is the healthcare industry spearheading the metaverse?

healthcare metaverse
healthcare metaverse

Metaverse evangelists hope to revolutionise healthcare. Are they right to keep their fingers crossed?


The medical metaverse is here. While Mark Zuckerberg is being slated for Meta’s surreal graphics and out of touch presentations, healthcare professionals have silently been using the technologies underpinning Web 3 to train surgeons and treat social anxiety. However, the industry believes it is just getting started.

“As the metaverse expands at an exponential rate, new opportunities in healthcare emerge,” Evgen Verzun, founder of Kaizen Finance, tells Verdict.

The Zuck may struggle to be taken seriously by the Twitterati. However, he can be attributed as the person who has kicked off the whole metaverse craze. He announced the rebranding Facebook to Meta in October 2021 in order to underpin the company’s pivot towards becoming a metaverse business.

The social media giant’s CEO evangelised the coming of the metaverse last year, sermonising how it would basically be the biggest thing to happen to the internet since smartphones. He envisioned the next stage of the internet would give users a sense of presence with each other through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or even holograms.

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