Lab explores dystopian future of AI helping cops catch criminals

ai criminals
ai criminals

IN BRIEF America’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is looking into how AI technologies can be used to create a « Digital Police Officer » or « D-PO » in the future.

Freedom-of-information requests filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation show the US Department of Energy-funded lab envisions cops may one day be able to partner up with a virtual crime-fighting assistant. D-PO would be capable of, for instance, tapping into facial recognition systems to alert a police officer on patrol to a suspect nearby, and can even offer advice on how best to apprehend the suspect.

The EFF warned against the plod teaming up with software like D-PO, citing concerns over inaccurate facial recognition matches and biased predictive policing policies.

« The good news is that in the emails we obtained, one of the authors acknowledges in internal emails that elements like a D-PO taking over driving is a ‘long way off’ and monitoring live drone feeds is ‘not a near-term capability,’ the digital privacy-focused non-profit said.

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