Only 12% of Female Leaders Believe Fintech is Diverse

Only 12% of Female Leaders Believe Fintech is Diverse

The FinTech industry is one of the most dynamic in the entire UK economy. Thanks to its success in delivering the smart, intuitive tools and personalised experiences that consumers want, FinTechs have produced dramatic growth.

The UK is now viewed as a global FinTech centre and, because the pandemic sparked further demand for digitalisation and new types of financial solutions, more growth seems inevitable.

To understand the long-term prospects for the industry, the UK Treasury commissioned an independent study, the Kalifa Review. The final report made clear that lack of talent could be a significant threat to the industry’s future success.

Following this, EY and Innovate Finance joined forces to look at gender diversity and how the FinTech sector can become more inclusive for and supportive of women. We clearly recognise that gender is only one form of diversity and an area where the sector can rapidly make dramatic improvements.

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