Pandemic Serves Up Security Woes for Election

As if the issue of election security were not complex enough before 2020, the current concerns about standing in crowds of voters amid the pandemic have only further ramped up concerns about November’s election.

Issues such as how to potentially implement a surge in mail-in voting in states that are open to it and addressing cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns and other pre-pandemic concerns all take on an even more urgent tone now that COVID-19 has changed life as we know it.

There are no firm plans yet in place across the country on how to address secure and safe voting in an era of social distancing, and many have little idea what their elections will look like at this time.

“Financially, state and local governments are on the ropes right now,” said Mike Hamilton, former CISO for Seattle and CISO of cybersecurity firm CI Security. “It’s been made even more difficult to secure the elections now that the question is how they even conduct an election when people are afraid to go in stand in line.”

Source : Pandemic Serves Up Security Woes for Election