Pope Francis Didn’t Really Wear A White Puffer Coat.


Aphoto of Pope Francis went viral over the weekend when an image of him stepping out in public in a stylish, puffer-coat version of white papal wear made its way around the internet, inspiring jokes for some and complete shock for others.

According to Insider, the image was created with the « generative AI » program Midjourney, a platform where you can enter text and receive often highly detailed, sometimes uber-realistic images in return.

In a Reddit thread, r/midjourney, people submit images that were created using the program, from a Rembrandt with cellphones to Severus Snape from the Harry Potter universe playing at the 1969 music festival Woodstock.

On Friday, a user posted a series of photos of Pope Francis in a white jacket, one of which went viral on Twitter. The image even fooled Chrissy Teigen.