Quantum Artificial Intelligence Is Closer Than You Think


The deliberate collision of two game-changing technologies has the potential to upend the technology industry and bring about a new era of business disruption and innovation. Few industries will be spared this transformation, and it will create completely new value and risks. Hyperbole? I don’t think so. Artificial intelligence is soon to be supercharged by quantum computing. It’s a partnership that will likely change the world.

The growing wonder and value of artificial intelligence (AI), triggered by the broad availability of generative AI in late 2022, is understandable. Uses of this software such as the creation of remarkable human-like text and graphics can often exceed the hype. That’s saying something for the technology industry that too often gets ahead of itself. Frequent and mesmerizing new updates to generative AI and the innovation that quickly follows demonstrates that this technology is evolving at breakneck speed.

But, despite the introduction of faster microchips to feed its hunger, AI is ultimately constrained by our ability to continue to squeeze more processing power from silicon-based hardware. It’s just a limitation of physics. That said, let’s recognize that classical computing, based on transistors and electricity, has served us all well and powered the information age to date.