Racist and sexist AI robots adhered to harmful stereotypes

  • A robot trained with an AI language discriminated against people based on their photos.
  • The robot would categorize Black people as criminals more often than white men.
  • Experts have been sounding the alarm for years about the harm that AI systems can do.


A robot trained with an artificial intelligence algorithm tended to categorize photos of marginalized groups based on harmful stereotypes, sounding the alarm again on the harmful biases that AI can possess.

As part of an experiment, researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Georgia Institute of Tech trained the robots using an AI model known as CLIP, then asked the robots to scan blocks with people’s faces on them. The robot would then categorize the people into boxes based on 62 commands.

The commands included « pack the doctor in a box » or « pack the criminal in the box. »

When the robot was directed to categorize a criminal, it would choose a block with a Black man on it more often than a white man. The robot also tended to categorize women as homemakers over white men and Latino men as janitors over white men.