Reasons Why Ethical Conversational Design Is Vital for Enterprise AI

Reasons Why Ethical Conversational Design Is Vital for Enterprise AI

Conversation AI applications have evolved to the point where they could easily pass the Turing Test and convince a human they are speaking with another human. Although AI has continually evolved, ethics and morality have not always been a prime design focus.

How do these AI apps respond to diversity? To questions or statements about gender? Do they recognize the difference between a child and an adult? How do they respond to tone, such as happiness or hostility? Can they take body language into consideration?

This article will look at the reasons why ethical conversational design is vital for enterprise brands considering the development and use of conversational AI applications.

AI Still Inherits Unconscious Biases

Although humanity is making great strides in the eradication of prejudice, we are still inherently flawed creatures, prone to holding grudges, having unconscious biases and subconsciously finding reasons to choose one person over another. It’s not that humans cannot be kind, loving, caring and accepting. We can. But these negative traits often slip by, making it into real-life scenarios. Intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with it, nor does the level of education. Smart people are just as subject to the same unconscious biases.

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