Rise In Cyber Attacks From China, Over 40,000 Cases In 5 Days

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Maharashtra cyber department on Tuesday, June 23, issued a warning pertaining to Chinese cyber attackers plotting a massive phishing attack stating that over 40,000 suspected attacks on sites related to information, infrastructure and banking were witnessed in the last 4-5 days.

These attacks were reported on Tuesday last and continued through Wednesday, however, they were unsuccessful. »Internet users should be watchful for such attacks including phishing attempts and conduct cyber security audits of their IT systems, officials of Maharashtra Cyber, » the state police’s cyber wing said.According to Maharashtra Cyber officials, these hackers are suspected to have a database of about 20 lakh Indian email IDs. Advertisement The advisory comes soon after a similar warning was issued by India’s official cyber security agency in the backdrop of recent India-China face-off that occurred on June 15 in Ladakh’s Galwan valley. »In last 4-5 days, resources on cyberspace of India especially related to information, infrastructure & banking have been under attack from China. At least 40,300 such cyber attacks were attempted, most of them can be traced to Chengdu area of China, » Maharashtra Cyber Department Special IG, Y Yadav said.A report dated June 18 quoting intelligence officials had claimed that China had opened another front against India with sustained DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks on Indian information websites and financial payments system.

The attacks tried to flood a network with artificially created internet traffic and targeted government websites and banking system including ATMs.The report claimed most of these attacks were traced back to the central Chinese city of Chengdu, the hub of hackers and also the headquarters of the Chinese Army’s Unit 61398, which is PLA’s covert cyber warfare section.Indian agencies had warned that Chinese cyber attackers could carry out a massive phishing attack in the form of a free COVID-19 test.Australia had also suspected a massive cyber attack by China targeting its administration, industries, essential services, critical infrastructure and political organizations.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had hinted at China’s role by referring to the attacks as « malicious and sophisticated » and carried out by « state-based cyber actor ». Australian experts explicitly named China for the attacks. The country has also been supporting the demand for an international investigation into the origins of COVID-19 pandemic and has also backed India’s calls for reforms of the World Health Organization.China had retaliated with tariffs on Australian exports, including barley and beef.


Source : Rise In Cyber Attacks From China, Over 40,000 Cases In 5 Days: Maharashtra Cyber Dept – The Logical Indian