Robotics: A World of Intelligence Created by Humans

Type of Robotics
Type of Robotics

What do you picture in your mind, when you hear word robots? Do you think of a walking, talking piece of metal? A lot of people do! Because some robots really do look sort of like people. But despite you see in movies, most real-life robots don’t look like us. They can look like animals or like things you’ve never seen before. Robots come in all different shapes and sizes, because they all have different jobs to do. And if you are really wondering what robots really are, and what they can do, then you are not alone. So, lets discuss what is robot.

What is Robot?

A “robot” is a machine that’s designed by humans to do a specific job. And the scientists who design and build robots are called “roboticists”. Robots do job that people can’t do or don’t want to do. Like if the job is boring, if it involves doing the same thing over and over or if a job is very dangerous and it means going places where people could get hurt, then robots are used, to do that job. Basically, robot is any automatically operated machine that replaces human effort, though it may resemble humans in appearance or perform functions like humans.

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