Salary Breakdown of the Top Data Science Jobs

Salary Breakdown of the Top Data Science Jobs

When looking at data scientist salaries and data science roles, it became obvious that there are different, more specific facets within data science. These facets relate to unique job positions, specifically, machine learning operations, NLP, data engineering, and data science itself. Of course, there are even more specific positions than these, but these can give you a general summary of what to expect if you land a job in one of these positions. I wanted to pick these four roles, too, because they can be separated well, almost as if it was there was a clustering algorithm that found jobs that were the most different between one another but that were also in the same population. Below, I will be discussing the average base pay with a low and high range, as well as respective seniority levels, the number of estimates used to determine these numbers, and expected skills and experiences for each role.

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