Should the ‘I’ in ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ need a reboot?

Should the ‘I’ in ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ need a reboot?

Three events took place a few days ago which, at first glance may look inconsequential, but are they? Read on…

The morning ritual begins with commanding the wrongly comprehending Alexa to play the morning melodies on flute. Alexa, the voice assistant obeys after a couple of attempts and the soothing strains waft through the expanse of the living room.

The rhythmically cooing pigeons swoop in into the terrace, listening to the familiar whistling. They train their bobbing heads to the rustling sound of seeds strewn on the terrace floor. Some coo and invite their mates, and the others strut and fan their tails to protect their territories. The sumptuous and timely breakfast gets underway. Pigeons decide when to eat, how much to eat.

Shortly after, the news of “Going bananas over Artificial Intelligence” catches the attention. The headline is a robot trained to peel the humble banana. The news is from the venerable University of Tokyo lab.

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