The 10 most innovative companies in artificial intelligence of 2023

innovative companies ai
innovative companies ai

Explore the full 2023 list of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, 540 organizations that are reshaping industries and culture. We’ve selected the firms making the biggest impact across 54 categories, including augmented and virtual realityconsumer electronicsgaming, and more.

We’re witnessing the dawn of the golden age of artificial intelligence—and all the complex questions it brings with it.  Over the last few months, tools like OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT and Nvidia’s 2D-to-3D converter NeRF have captured the public’s imagination, prompting a seemingly endless stream of commentary about the industrial, artistic, and ethical implications of generative AI.

Of course, AI is much more than chatbots. And oftentimes, the technology isn’t nearly as eyebrow-raising—and, arguably, scary—as, say, Microsoft Bing’s alter ego Sydney. Take, for example, Voxel, whose monitoring system analyzes video feeds to assess potential workplace threats on factory floors. Or Pano, which uses a sophisticated cloud software and camera network to tip off fire departments on developing disasters. Or Signifyd, which uses machine learning to shield merchants from payment fraud. Or Unlearn’s deployment of digital twins to recreate patient variance in clinical trials. All are examples of AI, and none give off Skynet vibes.

So yes, let’s think long and hard about how this tech will shape our lives, but let’s also acknowledge the wide scope of product offerings, and recalibrate our alarm meters accordingly.