The Digital Clone Wars

The Digital Clone Wars

It’s safe to say that, as a relatively young technology, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the possibilities and use cases blockchain offers. Today, many people say that blockchain is a solution looking for problems to solve. But actually, this technology already solves one of the biggest problems inherent to any digital space. It gives us, for the first time in history, a way to assign the label “original” to a digital artifact.

Finding originality among digital debris

It is sometimes difficult to wrap one’s head around, but in the digital world, where you can just copy any string of data or file with a few keystrokes, and where these copies can not be distinguished from each other or the original, this ability to assign origin is a big deal. For example, if you copy a PDF file to a USB stick, delete it from your disk, then transfer it back, is the file the same as original, or has the original been destroyed when you deleted it? When you attach a file to an E-Mail and send it around the world, is it the original that you’re attaching or a copy? How do you know?

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