The enemy of better in mobile banking

mobile banking
mobile banking

You have actually delivered solutions that customers use and love. Every month in the UK, millions of people log into mobile banking.

As of June 2022, the traditional banks accounted for more than 30 million active users and the neobanks around 10 million.

People feel comfortable with the services and seamlessly move between apps and banks as they manage their day-to-day finances.

In fact, many people have become very sophisticated and adept at finance in a way that simply would not be possible if their bank was not on their phone.

Take, for instance, a very good friend of mine. A single mum with three kids who juggles work and family and frankly does an incredible job with both.

I was chatting to her about future finances. She was pretty clueless about investments and pensions. It would be easy to write her off as a finance beginner. However, she then started talking about how she manages her day-to-day finances and how they are all managed through her mobile phone. Mobile banking makes it easy for her to balance the books day-to-day. It gives her control.

She also spoke about how her children are her priority in life. About how, from the moment they had arrived on the scene, she had focused on making sure they had money available to them in early adult life to give them a helping hand. She had always prioritised saving for THEIR futures at the cost of not thinking about her future finances (insight klaxon alert).

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