The evolution of no-code AI

The evolution of no-code AI

What – and where – is no-code AI?

A code-free system that empowers companies using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform various activities such as, but not limited to, data classification and analysis, “No-code” solutions enable users to create application functionality without writing programming code

When placed into the context of AI, machine learning (ML), and data science, the overall objective of no-code AI is to democratize data analytics and data insights.

The power of no-code AI lies within its potential to enable less “technical” folks – product managers, sales, store owners – to have a more intimate relationship and interaction with their data. By leveraging no-code AI, those disinclined toward the complexities of coding can directly explore, analyze, test hypotheses, and make predictions out of their valuable data. All without having to dive deep into data science, or rely on a team of data scientists to execute tasks that achieve their goals.

I think about how J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Marvel movies, functions as Tony Stark’s AI assistant, running and taking care of all the internal systems of Stark’s buildings and the Iron Man suits, but we are a long way from that in the real world.

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