The Latest in the List of AI Generative Models Facing Copyright Allegations

ai generative model
ai generative model

GitHub Copilot, the text-to-code AI tool, has been—for the most part—revolutionary in determining how people code. Twitter has been erupting with people expressing how this new AI tool has benefitted them with organisation heads and developers alike hailing it for saving much of their time.

However, the latest discussion surrounding it suggests that things are murky.

Tim Davis, Professor – Computer Science, Texas A&M University, took to Twitter to express his resentment over Copilot producing his copyright code for a particular prompt.

Chris Rackauckas, lead developer of SciML, also shared a thread of Armin Ronacher from July 2021, adding, “Github Copilot spits out the Quake source code. It just repeats its training data often, even without OSS licenses”.