The Metaverse From A Developer’s Perspective

Metaverse perspective
Metaverse perspective

By now, we’re all familiar with the term “metaverse.” Some believe the term is an immersive virtual reality where we escape the “real world,” moving through virtual environments with ease and access. Others believe in the “real-world metaverse” where utility is paramount and where digital information will be layered on top of our physical context. Still, others approach the metaverse with a foreboding, believing it will become a dystopian future without regulations.

The definition of the metaverse is still being debated. However, as the founder of a developer studio and creative agency that’s been building metaverse experiences since 2009, I can shed some light on what its near-term prospects hold.

At a high level, the metaverse represents the giant shift from looking at 2D content on flat screens to engaging with 3D content in a spatial environment.

What is the metaverse?

No matter what you believe the term actually means, “the metaverse” is not a single destination. Instead, it will be a massive system that presents an undeniable opportunity for industries across the globe. Meta believes there will be 1 billion metaverse users by 2030.

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