The Metaverse Isn’t Going Anywhere

2022: Déjà 6 milliards de dollars levés pour les startups du metaverse

Forbes’ Diane Brady sits down with EndeavorVR CEO Amy Peck to talk about all things metaverse, including the current investment landscape, pain points, and who is doing it well. 0:00 Introducing Amy Peck & Diane Brady 0:18 Mistakes We’re Making As We Enter The Metaverse 1:29 On The Investment Front Of The Metaverse 2:30 How World Events Have Impacted The Metaverse 3:20 Metaverse Pain Points 4:11 Comparing The Metaverse To The Rollout Of VR 5:19 Building Value With Data In The Blockchain 7:15 On Traction In The B2B Space 7:58 The Best Mindset To Have In The Business Of The Metaverse 8:42 Who Is Doing The Metaverse Well?