This AI company wants to help you control your dreams

ai dream
ai dream
  • Prophetic is a tech startup creating what’s billed as the “world’s first wearable device for stabilizing lucid dreams.”
  • To prototype the noninvasive device, dubbed the “Halo,” Prophetic has partnered with Card79 — the same company that designed and built hardware for Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface company, Neuralink.
  • Prophetic raised a previously unreported $1.1 million funding round with participation from a16z’s Scout Fund, and led by BoxGroup, the VC fund known for being first to invest in fintech company Plaid.

When Eric Wollberg and Wesley Berry met in March, Wollberg was chasing the idea of using lucid dreams to explore consciousness and Berry was working with the musician Grimes on translating neural signals into art. Both were fascinated by how brain-imaging tools could help paint a picture of someone’s thought patterns.

The two, ages 29 and 27, respectively, co-founded Prophetic that same month. It’s a tech startup building what the company calls the “world’s first wearable device for stabilizing lucid dreams.” It’s a headband-like device that issues focused ultrasound signals.

Lucid dreams occur when a person sleeping becomes aware they’re dreaming and may be able to control parts of the dream.