This New Class Of Robots Can Self Assemble On Demand

This New Class Of Robots Can Self Assemble On Demand
  • The only furniture you’ll need in the future will be a swarm of tiny robots that will work together to create whatever you want.

Agroup of researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) Swiss Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob) have built a new sort of robot, and it is quite the sight to behold! These new robots, named Roombots, are modular shape-changing machines that can be reconfigured in three dimensions. They have even been compared to robotic LEGOs by some. These bots can self-assemble and self-transform into a variety of various pieces of furniture. Additionally, they can also move about and self-assemble on demand. They are constructed with two dice that have been glued together, a battery, three motors that drive the movement, and a wireless connection. This is a Swiss NCCR in Robotics-funded project which investigates the design and operation of Roombots.

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