Top 10 Fintech Predictions for 2022

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6 years is an eternity in Fintech and this is my 6th annual Top 10 Fintech Predictions for 2022.

2021 was a great year for Fintech, billion-dollar IPOs, Crypto, NFTs, and the evolution of blockchain technology has taken over the globe. BigTech are all basically Fintechs now and I think we are just at the beginning of the “Big Melt”.

2021 was another year that all of us finally learned how to live with COVID, Delta, and the latest Omicron variant. Our new president settled in with his new administration signing a new wave of tighter finance and banking regulations.

The shining moment for Fintech truly came through in the past 48 months. The acceleration of digital experience from payments to insurance, to the deliverance of the Paycheck Protection Program leveraging the backbones of Fintech, we can confidently say that we’ve made the right Fintech infrastructure investments.

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